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  1. NOTE! This timeline, all characters refered too and the distinctive likeness thereoff, DC, the storylines mentioned (i.e. Zero Hour, Legends, etc) and the DC bullet are all copyright and TradeMark 1998 DC Comics. Their inclusion in this document does not in any way mean that I challenge the owner's rights. This is a fan-page, made to further the knowledge of, and the interest for, the DC line of comics.
  2. Feel free to refer to or quote from this document, as long as you: a)Note the rights of DC Comics. b)Give the adress to this page.
  3. Notes on the specifics in the timeline are found at the bottom of the page. years ago
The Big Bang years ago
Life emerges on Earth
4.000.400.000 years ago
Renegade maltusian Krona links past and future together, releasing entropy into the Universe.
Guardians of the Universe
Controllers years ago
2.500.000.000 years ago
Oan race splits along gender lines; females evolve into zamarons
100.000 years ago
Homo Magi
Birth of Atlantis
Immortal Man (Vandal Savage???)
50.000 years ago
Atlantis sinks
5000 BC
Dr. Mist (Nommo)
1200 BC
Amazon race born
Roman Empire
Golden Gladiator
6th century
King Arthur (Arthur, son of Uther)
Etrigan (Iason Blaise, Jason Blood)
Silent Knight (???)
Shining Knight (Sir Justin)
Viking Prince
Late 1700s, early 1800s
Tomahawk (Tom Hawk)
Uncle Sam
Hawk, son of Tomahawk (n/a)
Firehair (n/a)
Daily Planet founded
Mid- to late 1800s
Bat Lash (Bartholomew Aloysius Lash)
Jonah Hex (Jonah Woodson Hex)
Nighthawk (Hannibal Hawkes)
Don Cabballero (n/a)
El Diablo (Lazarus Lane)
Johnny Thunder (John Tane)
Madame .44 (Jeanne Walker Tane)
Trigger Twins (Walter & Wayne Trigger)
Matt Savage (n/a)
Scalp Hunter (Brian Savage/Ke-Woh-No-Tay)
World War I Era
Baloon Buster (Steven Henry Savage, Jr.)
Enemy Ace (n/a)
Morpheus (Dream of the Endless) imprisoned
Dr. Occult
The Flash (Jay Garrick)
Crimson Avenger (Lee Travis)
The Golden Age of Heroes begins.
Green Lantern (Alan Scott)
Sandman (Wesley Dodds)
Steel (Henry "Hank" Heywood III)
Hawkman (Carter Hall)
Blackhawk (Janos Prohaska)
Doll Man (Darrel Dane)
Jim Corrigan becoms The Spectre
Johnny Thunder (Johnny Thunder)
Hourman (Rex Tyler)
Atom (Alan Pratt)
Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson)
The Justice Society of America forms
Starman (Ted Knight)
Dr. Mid-Nite (Dr. Charles McNider)
Star-Sprangled Kid & Stripesy
Shining Knight
Johnny Quick
Wildcat (Ted Grant)
Mr. Terrific (Terry Sloane)
Liberty Belle
Guardian (Jim Harper) & The Newsboy Legion
Amazing-Man (Will Everett)
TNT & Dan the Dyna-Mite
Neptune Perkins
Virtually all costumed heroes combine into the wartime only: All-Star Squadron (with the offshoot Young All-Stars). Armed forces in Europe include: Sgt. Rock, Easy Company, Haunted Tank, The Losers, Mlle. Marie, Unknown Soldier, Viking Commando, Blackhawks, Boy Commandos, G.I. Robot, The Ghost Patrol and Gravedigger
1947 / 47 years ago
Black Canary (Diana Drake Lance)
1951 / 43 years ago
The JSA disbands; end of The First Heroic Age
1959 / 35 years ago
J'Onn J'Onzz accidentally teleported to Earth
1961 / 33 years ago
Kal-El arrivers on Earth, near Smalville
1964 / 30 years ago
Captain Comet
1969 / 25 years ago
Bruce Wayne's parents (Thomas & Martha) killed by Joe Chill
Project Atom begins
Wonder Woman's clay form given life by the gods
1979 / 15 years ago
Clark Kent leaves Smallville for Metropolis
Cave Carson
Sea Devils
Sarge Steel
Doom Patrol
Animal Man (Buddy Baker)
Alec Holland becomes Swamp Thing
1981 / 13 years ago
Metal Men
Metamorpho (Rex Mason)
Challengers of the Unknown
Deadman (Boston Brand)
1983 / 11 years ago
Oliver Queen, stranded on desert island learns archery
1984 / 10 years ago
Superman (Kal-El/Clark Kent) makes his debut, inspiring a new heroic age
Batman (Bruce Wayne)
The Joker
Catwoman (Selina Kyle)
Flash (Barry Allen)
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
J'Onn J'Onzz goes public as Manhunter from Mars
Black Canary (Dinah Laurel Lance)
Aquaman (Arthur Curry)
Original Blue Beetle
Adam Strange first teleports to Rann
Katar Hol exiled on Thanagar
Speedy (Roy Harper)
Triumph makes his debut, then disappears
Justice League of America forms
1985 / 9 years ago
The Atom (Raymond "Ray" Palmer)
Kid Flash (Wally West)
Elogated Man (Ralph Dibny)
JSA re-forms
Doom Patrol "dies"
Creeper (Jack Ryder)
Hawk & Dove (Hank & Don Hall)
New Gods reappear on Earth
The Cadmus Project begins
Zatanna (Zatanna Zatara)
Aqualad (Garth ?)
1986 / 8 years ago
Dick Grayson becomes Robin
Plastic Man (Eel O'Brian)
Bruce Gordon frees Eclipso
Etrigan, The Demon reappears
Wonder Girl (Donna Troy)
1987 / 7 years ago
Teen Titans form
Manhunter (Paul Kirk) resurrected
John Stewart becoms reserve Green Lantern
1988 / 6 years ago
Power Girl (Kara and/or Karen Starr)
Shade the Changing Man
Rose and Thorn
Black Lightning (Jefferson Pierce)
1989 / 5 years ago
Omega Men form
Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)
Ted Kord becomes Blue Beetle
Blue Devil (Dan Patrick Cassidy)
Fire (Beatriz Costa)
Ice (Tora Olafsdotter)
Captain Atom (Nathaniel C. Adam) emerges from Quantum Field
New Titans form
Infinity, Inc. form
Firestorm (Ron Raymont and Professor Martin Stein)
1990 / 4 years ago
Outsiders form
Dick Grayson, (Robin) becomes Nightwing
Barry Allen dies: Wally West becomes the Flash
Guy Gardner activated as a Green Lantern
Dr. Light
JSA goes to Limbo
Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) comes to man's world
Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) makes his public debut
The Question (Charles Victor Szasz)
Nightshade (Eve Eden)
1991 / 3 years ago
Maxwell Lord forms the "New" Justice League
Jason Todd becomes Robin
Barbara Gordon crippled by the Joker
The Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)
Suicide Squad, Checkmate formed
Guardians depart: Green Lantern Corps disband
Controllers expand Darkstar program
New Guardians
Outsiders disband
Rocket Reds form in the USSR
Manhunter (Mark Shaw)
Jason Todd killed by the Joker
1992 / 2 years ago
Valor (Lar Gand)
Starman (Will Payton)
Rip Hunter cracks the time barrier
1993 / 1 year ago
Tim Drake becomes current Robin
Hawkman and Hawkwoman arrive from Thanagar
Guardians return; GL Corps reinstated
The Ray (Ray Terrill)
Team Titans
JSA return from limbo
Darkstar Colos comes to Earth
Existence of the Linear Men revealed
Superman killed by Doomsday
1994 / Now
Superman revived
Steel (John Irons)
The Eradicator
Jean Paul Valley becomes Azrael
Speedy becomes Arsenal
Parasites attack Earth: New Blood Heroes make their debut, including Anima and Gunfire
Coast City destoyed
Hal Jordan destroys Guardians, GL Corps and main power battery
Azrael assumes the identity of the Batman
Kyle Rayner becomes Green Lantern
Damage (Grant Emerson(Project Telemachus))
Outsiders re-form
Lex Luthor II nearly destroys Metropolis
Guy Gardner becomes Warrior
Donna Troy becomes a Darkstar
Impulse arrive from the future
Original Hourman, Atom & Dr. Mid-Nite dies; JSA retires; Triumph returns from the Void; Vril Dox' son upsurps L.E.G.I.O.N.; core group becomes R.E.B.E.L.S.
Fate (Jared Stevens)
Starman (Jack Knight)
Primal Force
New Titans re-form under Arsenal
Professor Zoom, The Reverse Flash
Booster Gold (Michael Jon Carter)
The Legion of Super-Heroes
The End of Time
Home of the Timetrapper

This timeline is based on the Official DC timeline, recorded in Zero Hour #0 (cover-date Sept. 94).

The secret/real identity of characters have been added where I know these. If you know some that I don't, or spot obvious errors, misspellings etc., please send me an: e-mail.

Some inconsistencies have been corrected. (Some may have been overlooked, send me an e-mail.)

It is my hope that I will shortly be able to continue this timeline, and add at least the most important things that has happened since "ZERO HOUR" (i.e. "FINAL NIGHT", the two Supermen and the "MILLENIUM WARS"). Any information that you can give me on these (and other?) subjects will therefore be more than welcome.

Also, I had hoped to put up a banner that you could have downloaded if you wanted to link this page, but KubuDesign stood me up. So, anyone else who want to make me a banner?

This page could not have been made made without the generous help of: Dr. David Stepp, Craig E. Canevit, Greg Foldes, Dakota Goldsworth, Marc A. Leckstein , keeper of the DCU Web List, Halsted22, Jenna Kimberlin, Laura Gjovaag, John Prill, John Bullough and Michael Hutchison, keeper of the online DC Fanzine, Fanzing.

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